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The game is coming out soon! I'm trying to clean up the graphics a bit before release. Check the official site for more info!

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As the release of my first ever game draws ever closer, people have been asking questions about the gameplay itself and the production of said game, so I wanted to clear that up a bit.

This is an adventure game, having much more in common with adventure games of yore such as Myst or Schizm than Sly Cooper or Assasin's Creed. There's a bit of action, but not until later in the game. Thus, gameplay itself is mostly exploration and puzzle solving. You explore the Labyrinth. As you do, you encounter creatures, plants, and buildings that you have to figure out how you can use them to keep going. It's a thinker type of game. You run into a gate that's shut and you have to figure out how to open it. Perhaps that symbol on the wall nearby has a matching symbol somewhere else. Perhaps, indeed...

Second, this is a 1 man project, and on top of that it's the first game I've ever made that wasn't done in Basic. One year ago, I had never even made a 3D model, but I decided I was going to learn. This has been an incredible learning experience for me, and I look forward to making more and better games. /lifestory

To answer the burning question a surprising number of people have asked, there's no David Bowie, it's unrelated to the film. I didn't realize he had so many gamer fans.

Thanks for checking in!

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