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Third race chosen and other things. Also v2.5 patch has begun!!

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Hello again all. After having some serious choice issues I finally decided to include the Nephillim as the third side (I'll go into the Border Worlds after). The reason for this is I want to try to stay as close to the original mod as possible and even though the Border Worlds were given consideration I felt that the side was more of a mish-mash of Confederation ships. Anyway, this this choice I encountered on problem. All the Nephillim models from the original project were basically a pile of rubbish, so I had to find something for the new starbase model. Thank the lord for WCNews archive. Now I don't know if Nephillim ships are basically "living" entities but they sure seem to be, so the starbase is more of a "mother"-ship than anything. It will, like the other starbases grant access to ships and upgrades at the various levels and as such the current list of ships is:

- 2 Bombers: Raynode and Heavy Skate Cluster
- 7 Capitals: Ammonite (originally the construction ship from the original Invasion project), Hydra, Kraken, Leviathan, Baracuda, Orca and Tiamat
- 9 Fighters: Devilray, Lamprey, Manta, Manta (red), Skate, Skate Cluster, Squid, Stingray and Moray
- 1 Special: Triton (originally the freighter from the original Invasion Preject)

In other news I have begun to compile the v2.5 patch. This patch already have some tweaks and a couple of minor editings, but the long part begins now. Its not been decided on special weapons at this current time, but the Sensor Jammer and Corrupt abilities may be used.

Anyway, any questions from anyone please dont hesitate to ask.

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