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Some good news. Some bad news. Some other news. Including: A possible second push back for the beta, an update on the allied bots.

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Well I finally have 2142 up and running again on my computer and all seems to be going well so far. But as for the mod, well I do have the allied bots finally implemented into the mod but... it still crashes every now and then. I'm going to continue to try to make it more stable but if I cannot, then I am going to have to do one of two things:

A. Remove the feature.
B. Push back the Beta again.

So I will continue to get that fixed up hopefully within the week so I can keep my planned release date for it. In other news, I do have screens and ready and will upload them either tonight or sometime tomorrow. I also have the new zombie sounds in and working correctly so look for a video of those to come shortly as well.

Thats all for this short update... Sorry I dont have much more to say.. but the allied bots have been my main focus these past few days.


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