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All right, as I've promised: here is the news update!

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Ok, here we are, craploads of work had been done in the past 2 weeks. The New Horde is really very different and interesting to play. After all the playtestings all testers had a strong feel of keeping each unit alive in the battlefield to make them reach their level ups. And i liked it, that was i planned to design the mod. To keep bond between your troops and you. To make a possible choice: handful of hardened veterans, requiring alot of microgaming, or just keep boosting your economy to build up swarmy hordes of units.

Now closer to update report:
Here i've uploaded loads of new screenshots etc.

I've done with Badge system, and implemented a Badge of Wisdom for casters.
Most Horde units are now alot closer to their "perfect" state.
Here is the list of horde units:
Horde Grunt [100% done]
Orc Spearthrower [100% done]
Tauren Warrior [80% done, abilities, upgrades and some special triggers left]

Spirit Lodge:
Orc Shaman [99% done, some errors and bugs left, like not changing his status to Master from Adept after the upgrade]
Orc Warlock [15% currently worked on]
Tauren Spirit Walker [20% same]

Orc Raider [99% done, same with shaman, needs active testing]
Orc Kodo Rider [75% done, will finish after other thing are done]
Horde Wind Rider [80% done same]

Hall of Champons:
Kor'Kron Elite [99% done]
Tauren Runemaster [5% done, paused]

A lot of triggers are done and most of the systems are implemented for most units.

That's all for now, check the screenshots and wait for more updates!


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