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New Updates On The Fly mod Including A New Writer.

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In this news post I would like to introduce the script writer for Fly. Butterbiscut will be writing the script and working out the general story behind Fly. Heres a exert from a basic outline he wrote for the mod :

" Once the brightest and most respected scientist of Kerena Health
and Medicine Research Facility, Johnathan Harlem now lives his days in
secrecy and fear. The government had gone power mad and shut down all
sources of medicine in an attempt to lower the country's overpopulated
census. Kerena Health and Medicine Research Facility was one of the
first organizations to be terminated, releasing all its employees to
become simple drones of society living in underground markets to avoid
the strict laws of the surface and the apathetic and merciless officers
that patrolled the neglected and crime abundant streets. John is now
known by the poor, disconsolate inhabitants of the underground as a
form of hope. By producing diverse drugs, John hopes to rescue the the
underground dwellers from the vile organization that the government has

After years alone, Cain, his brother, found him to inform him of
the death of their parents and joined John. Ensuingly, They had gotten
into an argument leading to Cain's arrest. Unwilling to lose the last
person he has, John is determined to free his brother from the clutches
of the wretched government aided with experimental drugs making him
nearly inhumanly powerful. Little does he know he will be freeing his
country in the process.

In other news we still need many members to pull this off. I'm trying to learn c++ and the xsi mod tool but as I can tell the mod will be a slow grind if I try to do everything myself. People who apply for this job should have some type of work to show as a portfolio. Also they should have a deep understanding of their position and be able to work with a team and also be able to figure things out on thier own. I need a team that won't back down if the Fly takes a bad turn, you need to be able to stay dedicated to the mod. Positions that are still open include:

+Concept Artist
+Texture Artist

In the future we will probally need more such as a project manager, website designer, ect. But as of now those are the open positions. Please send me a message either here or my emial address: . Thankyou for your time.


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