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Hello again everyone. This is yet another update on the mods progress and the teams status. Hope you enjoy it!

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Firstly, I would like to introduce Klugmerik, our team writer (he will be making a lot of short stories as well as loading screen intros etc), Butterguts, another modeler to add to the the team with a lot of skills, Covert, another weapons modeler, and Major Von Mauser, another researcher to help Gamburd.

In regards to level design, we have made some huge steps toward recreating a realistic, WW1 game. Big thanks goes to plowster, benzie, n!ghtmare and butterguts in helping me to create as many static props as possible (some of which can be viewed in the media section) as well as kettch for helping with importing into the UE3 engine.

Our new website is days away from completion. Keep checking this space for updates on that as well as new media.

Also, Adder, our team composer, has been busy with some other gaming stuff but will be back on track shortly in composing a great soundtrack for our mod. We hope you all stay tuned and give us feedback so that we can make this the best WW1 mod.

In regards to the team, we are still searching for an experienced texture artist or even one who is looking for training. We would be able to manage our workflow alot better if we could have someone to give textures to. As said before, the amount of models and uv maps coming in is hard to handle without a dedicated texture artist.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!
Iron Europe Modding Team

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