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A short update on our MOD 'sea of the Stars' for SoaSE (September 09).

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Alright it has been a while since the last update but belive me, we are making some progress.I am very confident that we might be able to release a beta version end of this year.You can see some of the changes in the latest video already, including most of the buildings being replaced by 'beacons' or planetary 'ornamentations', as well as several overhauled ship models.All ships are ingame now and the research tree is complete for the FPA and empire. We have a complete selection of classical music replacing the original sins soundtrack (the music will probably be available as a standalone MOD for those who do not want the original sins music replaced, but this has to be decided yet) and german voices for the empire.As stated before you will be able to 'research' the flagships (most of them, not all) shown in the series. As it stands now there wont be any other research of 'new weapons' or 'better armour' and such. It just seemed out of place here. The only other 'research' subject will be your rank, increasing upkeep and available command ships.And another big change: The pirates have been removed and replaced by Fhezzan / civillian traders. They will run many independent trade hubs throughout the map which you can claim for yourself. Those trade hubs will ensure your supply lines. As we have many empty gravwells now (without colonizable planets) this will be very important.Also don't forget to take a few supply ships with your fleet at all times ;)We are also implemeting cutom interfaces for FPA and GE at the moment and testing out a completly new view for the 'star map'.Balancing will be the next big issue. However we will need to rely on YOU when we release our first version and we will nedd feedback on that. As of now there are many little issues to fix before release but most of the art and gameplay elements are nearing completion.Thats all for now. /maddy


Sounds awesome, all of this. Am really looking forward to playing it. Keep up the great work! :)

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