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So, the development has gone quite nicely in the past weeks. New models have been done, alot of texturing, and alot of testing and tweaking.

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So, the development has gone quite nicely in the past weeks. Mainly on modeling and texturing side, though. Reason for this is that we are quite in need of a scripter to fasten up the development. My skills on coding are not enough to complete the currently needed stuff. So, if you are a skilled coder on the warband module system and would be interested on joining, pm me here or taleworlds :) Good coders are always welcome.

Now, to move forward, as you have seen from the pics, I have been redoing alot of the textures and weapons lately. Basically, all weapons now have normal and specular maps. I decided to remodel and texture some weapons because they were kinda crappy. Currently, these are the new remodeled weapons, helmets and uniforms or entirely new models:

  • Finnish M/31, AKA Suomi KP
  • Finnish M/39 Ukkopekka Rifle. Basically, a Finnish version of the Russian M/91 Mosin Nagant rifle.
  • Finnish M/28 Pysykorva Rifle.
  • Russian PPSH-41.
  • Bayonet for Finnish and Russian rifles.
  • New model of the German helmet.
  • Entirely new Russian uniform texture. Tweaked the model to fit better.
  • Boots for all factions.

So, there is still stuff to do but we are getting there. After the autofire script is fully working, I can then give a definate release for V0.8. Also, I made this little logo yesterday. Hope you like it :)

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