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Oh dear...what have we done? What is this thing we have created? Why did we create this? Help!

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Hello there fellow originiginals!

It’s been about 6 months since our last media update (sorry for the lack of updates, we have been busy with life). Since then we have been busy, working on the mod. We just started working on the multiplayer for Car-poral Keys and we have decided to name it Jim’s Neighbour’s Battle Royale.

The multiplayer will feature a lot of originigninal and unique content. There will be several gamemodes in the multiplayer including Battle Royale, Capture the Keys and OUYA Heist.

We have also managed to rid the mod of all of the bugs that were caused by porting it to the 2013 engine. The multiplayer is still a bit buggy, but we’ve managed to fix most of the problems.

We also have a forum for you to ask questions about and not about the mod. There we have our very own Jim's Neighbour for you to ask questions to. You can find the forum here.

We haven’t really been giving you guys much to show from the mod. So here are a tonne of screenshots for you guys. Keep in mind that most of these maps are WIP and a lot of the models are either WIP or placeholders as the mod is still in alpha.

House House
Basement? Basement?
Vertigo Vertigo
Practical Thinking Bathtub
Flushed Elevator
Lava Fresh Air
Swimming Pool Spikes
3spoky Eww
Jump! Jump! Jump! What?
Lazy devs haven't even finished making this level 1337

Anyway, that’s all from us at Nautical Ninjas.

You should probably take an Originiginal snack with you on your journey.

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Thanks for the update, hopefully more come more frequently

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