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Ok, this is another upate here: Update number 2 if you wish =)

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As perhaps most of you i was busy with finals, christmasses, new years etc.
And what is most annoying i'll be busy during whole January, because of winter session exams.

But still, every day i was grabbin' some (perhaps a little) time to get my hands on the mod.

And here it is, another update!

Now the biggest update is the New Veterancy System.
I've got rid of the old Badge System due to lots of random bugs related to it.
And now you can judge by screenshots all the work what is done.

+ the Orc Shaman is 100% done.
He is now melee unit (yeah melee) with moderate damage (as previous) damage and very high attack speed.
Now you'll ask what's cool with him?
I'll answer: his abilities!
At the start he have 2 spells: good ol' purge with some tweaking in mana cost and CD and Bolts of Lightning.
Bolts of Lightning is a really annoying spell =) Well mainly becouse it drains crapload of mana from shammy, but deals shitloads of elemental damage. The spell is working like Flame Arrow. So the it is activate/deactivate-able spell which deals the bonus damage on every hit. Also another sweet part of the spell is the fact that it gives our shammy a range attack. So you can use him as powerful ranged unit, but only for a short period, due to his mana draining =)
Now when we'll research Shaman Adept Training he will not gain any stat bonusses. But instead he'll gain 2 new spells: Thunder Shock - a direct damaging spell which stuns target for 1 second. Considering that the spell has 0 mana cost, it is pretty sweet =) The other one is Chain Heal. Well as you can predict a more nerfed version of Shadow Hunter's one.

And at last, after Master Dedication Research, he'll gain a MAJOR stat bonusses and a Bloodlust spell. The later is yet again tweaked alot to match the new game mechanics.

Now that was on shaman part.

The other unit i would like to say for sure, that he is 100% done is Thrall. Yeah, your main hero.
He initially has Armour of the Warchief passive skill, which passively reduces all damage taken by 25%. He can learn Chain Lightning (tweaked alot), Ancestrall Call (ressurect 1/2/3 units) and Summon Frostwolf skill, which summons a permanent Misha-style pet.

At level 6 he gains Might of the Horde skill, which summons various units from allied factions.

At level 10, he gains Doomhamer's Wrath - single powerful attacking spell and Thunderstorm - a very powerful AoE spell. The problem is that this spells have very long CD: 120 and 240 seconds respectively.

Now that's all for now, enjoy screenshots and Happy New Year =)

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