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Hypovolemia - Update 2/15/2011 - more updates soon !

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New Entities:

- func_nullify.
- info_player_dm
For a list of all the Hypovolemia entities follow this LINK

More Models:

Media Page LINK


- Revamped the lobby.

- Coexisting Lobby! ( alien swarm lobby gets destroyed when a game starts, ours doesn't! )
You can bring up the lobby at any time now. For switching teams ( including spectator )
The lobby will also be used for banning/kicking/muting players.

- Added lobby camera, which allows you to view the map from the lobby.

- Added ability to join mid-game.


- Custom impact particle effect for every material type!

- Added "snow" world material ( textures/sounds/impacts/decals )

- Added "slush" ( wet snow, different footsteps )

- Added "grass" world material ( textures/impacts/decals )

- Added "shield" world material

- Added "intestinate" field world material

- Vertical aim improvements

- Fixed aiming pitch, weapons aim at 0 pitch now and not slightly up. ( aiming from asw was broken )

- Improvements to HUD
Added HUD text alignment
Improved scoreboard

- Stair stepping height is now 18 units. LINK

- Completely removed annoying marine chatter.

-Improvements to func_fade system
FIXED "prop_physics and func_physbox will go through a func_fade while the collisions are turned on."
FIXED "invert fade on func_fade doesn't return to prop to min alpha ( it stays solid )"

- Added border keyvalues which can be used on panels in res files

- Added system to allow for keyvalues in .res files to be easily managed.

- Complete overhaul of marine movement ( running/walking/jumping )

- Added kill stats system ( shows hit in console, like css ) SCREENSHOT LINK

and much much more!

Keep an eye out because we have an interesting video coming up for you guys. We'll be showing off our "direct aim" system where you can hit any spot on the wall or floor by holding the ALT key and "precision aiming" which allows you to target any hit location of a marine from head to toe.


Support and idolize @ #hypovolemia

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