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We have to announce some awesome things, so take a Coffee and a Cookie and enjoy our latest Blog Post!

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Welcome back everybody!

After several discussions with the team we have all decided to make some changes in our development process, starting on working our survival game mode first, which we plan on releasing with War of The Servers should it be successful.

We are still working on War of The Servers however we will be focusing on the survival mode for now. Never fear though, War of The Servers is still in development as assets between the modes are shared!

At this time we can’t tell you the name of this mode yet. ( Happy guessing :smile: )
Let us explain how this mode will work:
Players have to survive waves of enemies to put it simply, but that would be too boring and easy, so we added a twist. Each section of the map has supply trucks and every truck has different supplies. They are intended to keep players filled with ammo, health and other stuff needed to survive waves of virus, which gets harder and harder. It's possible that some waves may have heavily infected bosses.

Perhaps you've heard this before? Possibly? But rest assured we've taken all the aspects that people would like to see in survival games and crammed them in for action packed survival. Furthermore, this game will be adding some backstory to War of The Servers and find out how it all started!

This will hopefully help us gather all necessary resources and attention that we need to make WoTS better than it ever would've been. We'll make sure that this will fit into the world of servers so that you'll taste it before jumping into the bloodbath that awaits you. As always, feel free to discuss this on our news, forums or down below in the comment Section.

That was sure a long post, thank you all ever so much for supporting our game over the years. Stay tuned for more updates along the way!
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