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Well, it's time to discuss some new features and such. Please read below for more info.

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First up, I'd like to discuss how the mod is progressing. The new weapons (with attachments) are pretty much done, however, an actual weapon-mod system is not. Right now, you have to find the weapon you want during your travels in the wasteland, you poor thing. However, I find the system works quite well, and is better then nothing.

Weapon slots, player needs, and other realism features are almost finished, but need lots of touching up before I'll feel comfortable even releasing a beta.

Standard things (for a realism mod), such as accuracy improvements, clip size changes, and damage boosts are done.

I'm also tweaking the game is several ways, such as making several NPC's unessential.

As for release date, perhaps as soon as January 2010, but as usual, no guarantees.

Finally, I'd like to discuss Mod of the Year Awards (MOTY). If you feel that Fallout 3 Reborn is deserving of it, please vote. All you have to do is tick the vote box on the mod's main page. I'm very thankful for any support I get. Happy holidays.



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I'll vote... How to do it?

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Slayer_2 Author

There should be a "vote" button on the mods main page.

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