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Announcing the establishment of a news stream for the mod. Read the article for more details. Includes other news.

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Hello again, O community.

I. State of C&C/ Its Future

As you may/ may not know, several (some say many) of the Command and Conquer developers have been leaving (fired?) from EA (tm). This has put into serious question of the future of the franchise, and has divided the community, some saying its the Apoc. of the series (couldn't help the reference), with others saying "just a transition, lol". I personally am simply watching and waiting, and can only lament the loss of what was known as the familiar 'crew" of C&C.

Please note, the above section was a statement I wanted to get out, and I will not tolerate flaming in any form/fashion in communication to me or on comments anywhere related to this mod.

II. Development Update

Yeah... I failed on the daily updating, didn't I? Thus, I hereby /facepalm myself and lay that error to rest. To do the job now, school has been a living hell when coming to use of my time and thus work has essentially super crawled to near no speed. With Bibber's "Upheaval" release, all 11 Uprising units are now available to use for my mod, and that will be in 1.2 .
I am not going to even try any guess at a release date, since I am no longer straining myself to insanity.

III. News Feed

I have taken the liberty of establishing C&C:RA3 UltimaTech TV, located here:

This channel will be used as a further news/media delivery for the mod, and, frankly, whatever modding related chatter I may want to do with you all for kicks :P

I will post my first public braodcast time when: A. I am certain a period of time is allocatable for it B. I have adequately learned how to handle the workings of the broadcasting method.

Can't wait to enlighten you all with my 1/5 epic voice and maybe chat with you with GLORIOUS text.

Until next update, HAIL!

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