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Gameplay screenshots are going to be released soon. But, read this news panel for now.

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Welcome to a new article!

I'm surprised anyone is reading these. 23 views on this page on day 2, pretty cool. Usually, these things happen to a certain amount of people, but hey, thanks for reading.

Hi, and welcome again to the Freikorps: The Russian Civil War page. Today, we'll be looking at... nothing yet? Don't worry, I've done my work making the Freikorps mod exist, and there's a couple of fatal bugs. I've been working on the first Freikorps campaign and I had a few crashes, such as Editor Downtime, localization errors, all the such, but I've fixed them... mostly. The localization errors are still not contained and are bring crashes to the game.

Now, on a more positive note, the mod will be out, probably this month or next month. I don't really have a roadmap to show because... I didn't make one, but I'll just keep adding updates and patches and all the such.

On a even more positive note, I didn't screw up the whole game! The skins are working perfectly and I'm (trying) to work on breeds and such. Thanks for reading and have a nice day or whatever time it is for you.


But what exactly means "Freikorps The Russian Civil War" ?
For me, it's related to the "Baltikum" period, as described by Ernst von Salomon, in this great book "Die Geächteten".
In this case, is it about Rüdiger von der Goltz, the "Baltische Landeswehr" led by Hans von Manteuffel, the "Eiserne Division" led by Major Bischoff, Prince Awaloff and his "Westrussischen Befreiungsarmee", and Gerhard Rossbach with his famous "Freikorps Roßbach" ?
In any case, the Kurland (Courland) epic remains totally unknown even though it represents a part of German military glory.

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Sturmgeschutz Author

It's about the Baltische Landeswehr, Eiserne Division, Freikorps Roßbach, and Westrussischen Befreiungsarmee. I'll try to make all these forces have their own campaign, if possible.
Thank you for commenting.

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Very nice !
But the mod is supposed to happen only in 1919, or from the creation of the Freikorps, in 1918 ? In this case, it would be an opportunity to clean the Spartakists, sheltered in the building of the Vorwärts newspaper, with 15cm sIG infantry gun and flamethrowers, as in Berlin on January 10, 1919.
In the same spirit, why not hunt down in the streets of Munich the sailor Egelhofer, chief of the Bavarian Red Army, and responsible for the massacre of 30 April 1919 at the Luitpold Gymasium ?

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Sturmgeschutz Author

The mod is set in 1919, but I'll include bonus missions that are outside of the Russian Civil War.

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