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In this news item we will explain shortly we have been up to the last time. We didn't much progress reports or screenshots, so we hope we can show you some more things from our mod now.

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New models
In the the new version, 0.3, you will find a lot of re-textures of existing models, but also new models, such as a great pikeman armor made by Zimke Zlovoljni. Look at an example here and besides that there is a re-texture of one of the old textures;

We made several re-textures of this model, so it can be shown in various sets and colours. We will upload some screenshots in time to our Moddb page. Also we are steadily working on fixing bugs. Bots will now use one set of armour and weapons, the boots will be animated properly, more variety is introduced for players etc. And last but not least, we are adding a small single-player part to the mod! Also to mention, is that we are working on multiplayer naval battles, with cannons!

The single-player will exist out of 2 factions in 0.2. Namely the Kingdom of Spain and the County of Flanders. We did this on purpose because if we would introduce all the 6 factions, it would be very much work to do those all. So we decided to introduce the factions, and to start with these 2.

The world map is not completely done yet. Some things need to be added such as hills and forests etc. But that is a minor job that can be done in 20 minutes.

Furthermore, you will find the following features in single-player of 0.3:

- National Banks
(get a loan from a bank, pay rents etc., still work in progress)

- Artillery
(we will introduce artillery in 0.3, both in single-player and multi-player. The system we are going to use will come from Age of False Innocence)

- New Quests (optional)

And some minors;
- New NPC's
- Bandits
- Bla bla bla etc.

Quality control
Since we have the luxury of modellers and textures in our team, we can finally start with replacing all models and textures we do not want ingame with our own, high-quality models and textures. We planned this for quite some time, and are happy to finally make it happen.

We discussed with the Dev Team some time ago how to go with this mod. And we made a list of all items we should change the models and textures of. The result can be seen in the screenshots in our images section and this news item.

Release date
No news on this still. We are over half of the work for 0.3 I can say, but still we need to do a lot work, so we cannot give any estimation of it.

We will keep you updated.

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