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Small bit of news of how everything is going. What's going on with team race-away and on to check it out.

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So another hard week of work for Varion we are really close now. We have a release date in our minds which we are going to aim for we will give you more details on this once we know we are going to hit it as we don't want to say anything if we have to delay.

So modelling is almost done now. Nilghai is currently working on a brand new character which is a improved version of melina as we don't have time to create a totally new character. This character will be for team horde and is very evil. We hope to show some shots of it at end of this week.

Programming is gonig fast this week we fixed the ammo panel. We have got gametype icons, a brand new gametype and bug fixes. Our new gametype is called "Pulse Frenzy" which is a new dm based gametype in which players battle it out with a one shot kill weapon (Pulse Rifle). This gametype is a lot of fun to play. We will be fixing various bugs and will be finishing off team menu rest of this week.

Been fixing and polishing up all the maps. The maps are looking really nice now with all the new effects such as the custom sounds, pickups, jumpads and more.


Varion Mod for Half-Life 2 Videos & Audio - Mod DB
We hope you like the new video.

So it's been another excellent week hope to get some more news later this week maybe next week about release dates and our trailer which is in production.

Thanks for reading.


nice maps!

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Can't wait to play the full game :P

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