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This is the Ultimate Apocalypse Terms of Use. Please read if you are to use any of our material or at least extract content to mods.

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UPDATE!!! License Agreement 12/20/12, all new Grand Release material and formed ideas are restricted to all mods and users until further notice.
Please update ALL models from the UA Grand Release that are in your mod. All non Grand Release content that was available before the Grand Release is free to use.
We can make an exception for Grand Release material, please ask permission from Lord Doofus on Moddb or Cylarne on Relicnews.

You agree to our terms of use that our models are to be used with great respect. Credits are to be given for any of our material and NOTHING must be claimed as your own. The Apocalypse Mod Team however wants to help the DOW community in many ways. Please feel free to use our models in any mod and please do credit us as Apocalypse Mod Team. Also, if you wish, go ahead and link us the mod that uses our work so we can see our creations being used in a mod of awesome.

WARNING! For any model or code within our mod created by us; which is being used by your mod; no credits, no use of our material, creating possible consequences for you.

Any new models of ours you want for your mod, go ahead and please dig in, but credit must be said in x mod using our models or personal belongings. Our material includes:

Our UA plug logo and all logos related to this mod under the title of "Ultimate Apocalypse mod" are restricted for use. Other restrictions such as the Necron Triolith
and Warlord Titan are not allowed in other mods besides the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. Global superweapons and FX may be used but special permission MUST be granted.

Needed credits for:

Units and all textures/code applied to:
Sisters Arch Angel, XV202 Mako Titan, Necron Triolith, Tau Hammerhead Gunship, Eldar Cobra, Revenant Titan, Mars Pattern Imperial Reaver Titan,
Doomsday Monolith + Phalanx squad idea, AEonic Orb, XV9 Hazard Suit, Thunderhawk Transport, Orca Transport, Chaos Thunderhawk Transport,
Valkyrie Transport, The Tomb Stalker, Grey Knights Champion texture and model, Grey Knights Justicar with Daemon Hammer, Sisters Exorcist MKI, the Hell Blade model,
The Void Dragon, Force Commander Boreale (Killeus) in Terminator Armor, Imperial Guard Warhound, SOB Warhound, Space Marine Warhound, Chaos Warhound Titan,
Chaos Psyker, the Legatine Superior, Dark Eldar Reaper, the Dark Eldar Shadow Super-heavy, Necron Deathmarks, Necron Immortals with new upgraded weapon and animations,
Sisters Lightning Strike, Imperial Stormhammer, Grey Knight Champion, Grey Knight Psyker, Sisters Sentinel, DE Tormentor Titan, IDH Valkyrie, Warlord Titan,
Sisters Curia, Sisters Almoness, Sisters Nunciate, Chaos Sorceror Lord, Chaos Berzerker Champion and all FX, Chaos Mutilator, Chaos Skull Probe, Chaos Plague Reaper,
Dark Eldar Rampage, Eldar Void Spinner, Eldar Storm Serpent, Eldar Corsairs, Imperial Guard Commissar Cadets, Psyker Elite squadron, Tau Malo Gunship, Remora Stealth Fighters,
Cosmocrat's Great Stompa, Dark Eldar Soul Cataclysm, Eldar Eldritch Cataclysm.

IDH Warhound and Reaver textures, Bloodletter + Plague Bearer textures, Necron Pylon texture TC, Battlefortress TC, Phoenix TC, our ingame screens, Keeper of Secrets texture,
War Walker textures, Imperial Guard Tank Command, Chaos Warhound textures by deathwatch, Chaos Warlord textures made by deathwatch.
We don't care about icons except the global superweapon "win" buttons or any other superweapon/custom titan icon you see fit for your personal use.

FX/Event files:
All of Cosmos_Custom_Fx folder and events related to this folder, all Void Shields FX and events, all superweapons and global superweapon FX and Events,
Tyranids meteors FX and Events, Chaos Meteors, All unit/structure related fx owned by us. Little tiny FX is free to use.

Structures and all textures/code applied to:
Necron Super Generator, Tau Arka Ion Cannon, Eldar Great Webway Gate, Necron Energy Beacon, Necron Sterilization Beacon, Necron Great Pyramid, Eldar Shrine of Khaine,
Tau Shield Generator, Tau Comms. Array, Imperial Guard Comms. Array, Space Marine and Inquisition Nuclear Facility (super structure), Defensive Walls structures,
IDH Turret, Tyranids Turret, Chaos Super structure Portal, revamped Maledictum, Heavy Machine Cult, Sisters Shrine of the Emperor, Eldar Super-heavy Support Portal,
Dark Eldar Kabal Citadel, Dark Eldar Corrupted titan gate, Ork Telleporta.

Voice Overs:
Revenant Titan, Imperial Reaver Titan, Tyranids Hierophant, Warlord Titan, Tyranid Broodlord, Tyranid Trygon, Tyranid Spinegaunt, Tyranid Hormagaunt, Tyranid Gargoyles,
Termagaunts, Lictors, Ripper Swarms, Genestealers, Raveners, Great Stompa, superstructure warning voice, "rise", "greetings".

All Apocalypse mod edited music converted to .fda format, XP3 ambient themes

Ulimate Apocalypse 2p 8p, Apocalypse 2p 4p 6p 8p, Titanic Warzone 4p, Cold Paths (BETA), ALL XP3 (Legends) maps, all maps titled (Apocalyzed), Moon 8p

Specific Code:
The Relic resource, Apocalypse main wincondition, Titan Wars wincondition, Apocalypse rule wincondition, all superweapon and global superweapon codes, all unique ideas
in this mod from origination, Void Shields code for all titans or units with Void Shields, commanders with personal shields, aircraft transports ideas and specifics, all owned units and
structures related to code.

All Grand Release material and formed ideas are restricted to all mods and users until further notice.
We can make an exception though, please ask permission from Lord Doofus on Moddb or Cylarne on Relicnews.

If an unreleased mod version (The Grand Release, internal BETA mod, or the ALPHA Mod) was released privately or publically to anyone but the team, horrible consequences will take in effect. No matter if the mod was released for one person, or your personal changes you added directly or indirectly from the mod; it is 100% fidden. However, uploading an unmodified released and publicated mod onto a different site is acceptable and highly appreciated. But please link the uploaded mod to us and we'll happily add that to our list of downloads. But again, making your own mod directly from this is fidden because you are using all of our material or most of it at least, depending on what you delete or keep. You may copy and paste things from our mod to your mod with proper credits, but YOU MAY NOT USE OUR MOD AS YOUR OWN. It will be considered as theft if this message to you was ignored.

The Actual mod (Base Core Mod), XP1 mod (Total Destruction expansion, no longer updated), XP2 (New Races expansion), or any further expansion is a part of this license agreement. Follow our rules, you will be respected and proudly appreciated by our behalf, disobey and you won't make us happy. It will be an honor to see our work in other mods, bottom line. Code is included along with new models, structure of the mod, textures and icons.

For any of our material you update directly, whether fixing it or making something new out of it, you must tell us. Crediting you or others who updates, fixes, or modifies our models are not guaranteed. If you are told not to use our work, then you must cooperate with us.

You may not: Own the mod or any of our material if you do not accept the terms of use.

You may not: Claim the mod as your own.

You may not: Use our new unreleased material (if at all gathered without noticed) before we do.

You may not: Own any of our unreleased new material.

You may not: Use our material without credits.

You may not: Claim any of our material as your own.

You may: Use our models or material if credits are awarded to us.

You may: Link your mod to us so we may see your work in your mod.

You may: Play the mod, have fun with it, use our models for your own mod as long as credit is given.

You may: Use our mod as a template for your own mod, also meaning, this mod can be established via a requirement as long as our material does NOT exist in your own creation.

You must: Cooperate with us if we require any needs from you if you possess our material.

You must not: Decline the terms of use once accepted.

Taking adavantage of this agreement or using it against us is not tolerable, hense you lose your privilages to have our mod and our material. This agreement will not be overwritten with another agreement of your own (if you have any) if related for the use of our sources. If any of our material is owned by your mod, you automatically accept the terms of use.

For those of you who own our material and others ask, "can I use this?", you must tell them to credit the Apocalypse mod Team. Clarifying this message to us is appreciated that others are using our work.

For every agreement displayed on the RelicNews Forums of the Apocalypse mod home page, you will obey this one, the one you are currently looking at, not others.

And to summarize this Apocalypse Mod Terms of use agreement...
1. We are an open source. Gather our material, it is free for the community as long as credit is given.
2. This mod is not yours, the creator of this mod has more rights than anyone on the planet to keep modding and releasing updates.
3. Our material must not be stolen or consequences will take place.
4. Any updates of our models, let us know and give them to us freely.
5. If we deny you access to our material, you must obey us.
6. Open source mod.
7. Open source mod.
9. Please credit us.
10. Contain our material, we have rights to contain yours.

We are not responsible for any hardware, software or ingame damage. You take full responsibility of this download, and by agreeing to the terms of use, you will take full responsibility of your actions. You do cooperate with our rules and you understand our policy. Furthermore, we tested the mod thoroughly and there seems to be no critical errors. We are positive that the mod is safe to play and you will enjoy the mod by guarantee. There is no way you'll be disappointed.

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