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this is the first news post on moddb, you will mainly see things here before filefront

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ok first off i would like to welcome you all here and here is the newspost number one:
first off i would like to welcome revan898 to our mod as he will be a mapper. secondly the scripting for the empire part of the demo is close to being done(it takes longer than you think). the rebellions demo part has been setup and we are adding a few new heros and here is our current staff list(in order of joining):
ssdcommander(leader, scripter, text writer, xml editor etc.)
Thebluerabbit(xml editor)
flamingdirk(main voice)
237th_sc_com_bly(not to be considerd as part of the team. mapper)
Revan898(lead mapper)

ok and we still need staff members:
voice(2 more would be nice)
.xml scripters(2)
map makers(1)
xml editors for random stuff(2)
news letter sender(1)
if you want to sign up for the team email or pm me at:
or to sign up for the news letter:
and here is something special i will show to you today

unknown wrote: incoming transmission from unknown star destroyer:
as my commanding officer, i suspect that you are fully aware of
the rebellion threat and it has progressed, we are currently mobilizing all forces
available and i suspect your up to the job.

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