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Two giant items on the road to release that have been long in loving development completed and uploaded... in a single day!

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G'day members of the Moddb community!

As I seem to be the most verbose of the mod team, a positivly loquacious nutter it seems, I was given the immense pleasure of bringing these two wonderful achievements of patience, skill and ability to the attention of anyone who could be tempted to click a link.



From the development program that brought the steadfast Vor'Cha to the front lines in the Klingon Defense Force comes another leap forward in innovation, skill and cunning. With independant dual torpedo loaders up front it is more difficult for adversaries to knock out this vital piece of hardware, disruptor pulses mounted prominently on the top of the wings provide a satisfying battering to anyone in range.


A mount was included for the ship to attach a sub-system with a single starbase-grade disruptor beam atop, this also represents the first foray by Klingons into using collimated arrays for their energy weapons, not as a strip along the hull of their ships like the Federation but as a ring around a turret. The advantages or disadvantages of the different approaches will no doubt become more evident on the battlefield.

Starbase 42

Home! Sweet Home!

After a full year of development, this bastion of defense, the personal headquarters of Fleet Admiral Arthur Adams (very proud lineage there!), is located at a colony world on the outskirts of the Federation and only 25,000 light years from the galactic centre. The developed nature of the colony and surrounds and its relative proximity to the galactic centre have made it a drawcard for many of the Federation's top astronomers.

Home! Sweet Home!

Progress, development and procrastination

As you could well imagine there has been a flurry of progress on smaller items populating our to-do list following the syncronised completion of the above undertakings, but we are not at a state where we would want our work to be poked and prodded by the community yet.

We do have a target date for completion of release α set, and we will share it with the community when we are reasonably certain that announcing it wont make liars of us all :)

Please note that unless we explicitly state otherwise all images are in-game screenshots!

The Continuum Mod Team


Incredible we can have all this ingame...

Thanks for adding the note on the klingon ship description, now we can stop marvel...

Good work

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i didt played homeworld for years. now i want it back!

this mod will stomp STO in the ground. Thats not that hard tho...

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