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Since I've been asked a lot about when this mod will be releasing or if there will be a beta released for it, I've decided to finally provide you guys with something to go off of

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Blender C Users Jonjo Downloa

ok, so since many people have asked me when this mod will finally be released or if I will be releasing any betas for it, I think now is as good a time as any to finally give you guys some details, so, to start off, for the full release of the mod, I don't have an official release date planned, yet, but don't worry, I do have some good news, and that is that I do have plans to release a few betas in the near future, these will be somewhat sneak peeks at certain little pieces of the mod such as dinosaur models and other things, for example, the first beta I have planned is a release of the fully modeled and skinned Spinosaurus that will be featured in the full modpack, then after a certain point once enough of the full mod is complete, I will announce a release for you all, so for now just stay tuned for that and prepare to experience a modpack 65 million years in the making

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