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Hello all again,

Sorry for the lack of updates rescently ive been away on RAF training and lost all contact with the outside world however i have a few things to mention in this lastest news.

Firstly I have just about managed to get the vipers and raiders balanced in thier new squad sizes. Although as we saw in the show Galactica's 40 vipers lastest them over 4 years this was due to the fact that they were not in combat for 4 years solid and it would not be practical to make them that stong in game.

Im making progress with creating a Flak field ability on some battlestars and Basestars have recieved a texture update now 2048x2048. Furthermore i have completed all Colonial textures in which the ships are ever so slightly damaged visually due to lack of repair facilities.

I have not been working on the GC rescently as i want to focus on the Skirmish side of the game first. Then i may release a demo with a fully working skirmish and a partially working GC.

Thanks again,

Opinions and feedback welcome!


P.S Check out BSG Crossroads for Freelancer, great mod :)


O man this looks like a great mod i gonna watch this one develop closely. i just have a problem with what you said about the vipers because that cant be true. when you watch the show every time the galactica is engaged it deploys all vipers. so they were always used is what im saying.they defended the fleet and galactica from the cylons on a daily basis. Im not saying that the vipers themselves wer the most badass things ever ,because they werent, but it was the pilots that kicked *** for 4 solid years. now its your mod and im not telling you to change anything because of me. so do whatever you want with what i said but plz don't make they vipers weak as hell or ill cry. thank you.

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n1tr0u5 Author

Ah yes I would like to get the Vipers up to cannon stats however it would be a major problem for balancing. Providing you use the correct tactics in battle the vipers will win. Approaching from the sides and rear is the best. Currently the Vipers are squadrons of 2 and can match a raider squadron of 5. And some hero squadrons will be creatable such as Starbuck and Apollo, Kat etc.
Scar may also show up :P

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ok ok i gotcha thnx and keep up the good work!!!
and hero squadrons would super boss but scar wouldn't haha

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