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Some things have changed and some have been enhanced. Read for more information.

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Been a rough while but, things are looking up. I am working harder than ever to get this mod up and running and I posted a new screenshot from in-game. Take a look when you like.

Here is the status of every part in the mod's development.

Maps/Worlds: My mappers, Yu8 and Ry@n left for bigger and better things so I have been working on the mod myself. One of the maps, ep1_c1_c, is currently in development and looking good. Take a peek at the screen shot if you haven't. Maps, ep1_c1_a and ep1_c1_b aren't as good. There are some errors in their .bsp files that one of my ex-mappers created. So I have been working on fixing them manually, which sucks by the way.

Models: At a halt. I need a modeler. Attention Modelers. If you wish to join the ESC Devs, now would be a GREAT time. You must own HL2, HL2:EP1, and HL2:EP2 until further notice. You must also submit some of your work. Half-Finished models will not do.

Materials: Going fine as far as making textures goes...

Acting/Choreography: As mentioned in the previous news update, "We won't start working with our Voice Actors until we get a respectable environment and models set up. So this is still on HOLD. "

Coding: I have stopped working on the code for a while to get my worlds up. I will go back when ready. Also I am looking for coders. As mentioned above, "You must own HL2, HL2:EP1, and HL2:EP2 until further notice. You must also submit some of your work. "

Sound FX, Music, Etc.: Meh. Not as important at the moment.

Overall: Good. Very Good. Just wish my team wouldn't abandon me.

This concludes the status update.

For those interested in joining the mod team. Email me at . Those who wish to be voice actors will have to wait until the mod develops more.

A new YouTube Account named, EscapeTrilogyDevs was created for my team before they abandoned me. I will use it for uploading any new video content including, tests, trailers, and more. Be sure to subscribe.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave your comments, questions, ideas, or whatnot in the ESC-Trilogy MODDB Forum. Doing this for 5 minutes will help improve the mod. Thanks and goodbye.

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