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I discuss my aims for this brand new mission for Call of Duty (4) for PC

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Today I will be explaining the aims of my 4th SP map for the Call of Duty Franchise.

You can expect this mission along the lines of my Call of Duty (2) missions such as 'Day of Infamy' and 'Redsquare Massacre'

I am a traditionalist FPS mapper which focuses on the main elements of it. Shooting, Immersion and level design,I am not a scripter at heart so do not expect over the top nonsense which is the portrayal of modern Call of Duty's.

The maps aims:

  • Immerse environments -Expect close quarter street fights,indoor building skirmishes,park battles,riverfront firefights
  • Night-Battle -The mission is set at night on the lines of 'The Bog'
  • Alternative Paths- Will you go strait,left or right? your choice brings re-playability,varying difficulty and challenges.
  • Vertical combat -Fight enemies from above and below and you saw to new heights in this map.
  • No Boss fights as my early missions had them and caused trouble for many people.
  • Traditional Cod game-play no over the top scripting to detract from the mission.
  • Massive Scale -This will be my biggest SP mission to date,feel apart of a massive battle.
  • Detailed environments and effects- Detailed environments give a sense of living breathing world.

Thanks for reading and remember the more people that track the harder I'll work!taintxs

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