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Update on the MOD development and brief introduction into the recent changes.

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Alright guys, sorry for the delay. I will post the promised video sometime later - sorry too much to do right now. This update will describe the most recent changes we made during mod development. Everything is reaching a point where a first release is in sight :)

So we have been very busy the last few months, upgrading ship models, implementing new stuff etc...

First I want to say that many models have been improved again and I am very pleased with the current models. Even buildings have been implemented.

It is final now, you will NEED Entrenchment to run the mod as we are implementing starbases. The starbases will be built similar to the original sins and service multiple roles like repair, defense and resupply of your fleet. Actually starbases will be the only 'real' buildings in the MOD (deep space installations). All other buildings (spaceport, academy and planet based supply station) will be planet (or planetoid e.g. asteroid) based and represented through 'beacons' in the planet's orbit.

The Academy will build (spawn) your unique flagships and 'generic' commanders as well as capital ships like carriers. The Fleetyard / Spaceport will build any other unit including combat vessels, reconaissance ships and supply ships as well as ships for planetary invasion. To simplify matters you will only be able to build 'squad leaders'. On creation they will spawn additional ships (squads) to rapidly increase the number of ships built. E.g. you build one destroyer 'squad leader' who will spawn a certain number of destroyers on creation.

The research tree is finally shaping up. Flagships will be researchable (unique flagships). You will still be able to build 'generic' commanders boosting your fleets performance.

We have changed the UI slightly (graphics and sounds) and also the skyboxes. The 'flashy' ones are removed now. we have only simple, less colorfull skyboxes, matching the color of the nearest star.

The maps appear much larger now. There are many starzones between you and your enemy so prepare a good reconaissance network...

There is a high probability that we will implement german voices for the imperial units on release ;)

As promised you will get another vid but i cannot say for sure when. So please be patient. I will give you updates as soon as they are available.


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