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I worked this week on the robot and as the images shown, it is now operational. However, some bugs still persist, but they should be corrected soon. Moreover, NK_Tac_Tank worked on new particles and we now have a particle to the regeneration of life, and the fireflies and reactors for the robot that I also slightly modified.
To show the style of the environment, here is an artwork:

Artwork - Envrionnement

Regarding the gameplay, I decided to say a few more:

Firstly, the woman you incarnate is a former police. It has been 65 years since the 3rd World War. Dawn has 89 years, but it no longer ages since the event. But here I would not say more yet. I guess there should be an element of secrecy about the scenario.

That is also why I said at the first news, it was 24 years, but only physically.

For these powers, they are not there by chance. She has received at the event. It is important to note that everything is linked in the scenario. The robot when to him, just a different place on Earth but I would not say where exactly. However, after the event it was no longer operable, but thanks to one of the protagonists MOD has been repaired and restarted. Dawn will serve in his quest.

You'll have more details next month, but images will be posted regularly to show you the progress of the MOD.

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