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2.1.1 is out for PC & Mac with an SDK, which means... time for making the 2.1.2! Here's what we've got coming soon.

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In case you've missed the news and downloads announced elsewhere, Red Alert: A Path Beyond version 2.1.1 has been released for the PC as usual, and our first ever official package for Mac gamers as well, plus the Maps & Mods SDK for fan projects. So what does that mean? It means we've already been hard at work on 2.1.2 for a month and just today in fact were testing a preliminary internal build.

Some important changes coming in 2.1.2 include:

  • Revised turret control - More precise aiming for all vehicles, from Rangers to Hinds to Medium Tanks. Never miss another shot!
  • T1 Infantry Always - Even if you've lost your Barracks, you'll always be able to grab an RPG or perhaps organize a Sergeant rush. Tech 1 infantry are always available.
  • External Demolitions - Enemy Technicians repairing away your tank assaults? Defenders have all the doors secured? No problem, you can now use any C4 on the outside of a building for massive damage. Plus, Tanya can now drop any defense in one go.
  • Sneakier Attacks - When first attacking a building, the enemy is not told which structure is under attack until it actually loses a significant amount of health.

That's not all, of course. Honestly, there's a ton of changes coming. The usual balance changes (Captains and Hinds have been rebalanced significantly, and Tesla Coils will now need to charge up before frying you... giving you a bit of warning first). Base game mechanics have been changed up, too. You also won't be able to build Demo Trucks, Minelayers, or Ore Trucks without the Missile Silo, Service Depot, and Refinery (respectively), making attacks on those buildings more useful. Helipads will also indicate landing zones with team-colored flares, decreasing the odds that you'll be crushed by an inbound helicopter. Plus, more performance/glitch fixes, including a fixed memory leak and a fix for the fact the elevators jiggle you towards the middle of the map subtly.

It probably shouldn't surprise anybody who's followed us for a while that we're working on 2.2.0 at the same time. Coming changes there? Chronotanks, support powers, the return of naval forces, and a couple new structures. Keep an eye on our official blogs to keep with the latest discussion on all of that, of course.


How many C4s can kill a wf from outside?

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Chronojam Author

Right now in testing, four

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Will we ever get an offline skirmish mode with some AI?

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RPG and Sergeant when barracks is dead, this is good!!!

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