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I decided to move all news to in future. As I believe only very few people visit my official mod-page.

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this is from official mod-page

Sunday, July, 5, 2009 Paranormal lazyness:

For a mysterious reason I cannot finish CSSII map's right now. I swore myself to wait with the next release until some are finished.

Maybe this problem can be solved anytime - but not too soon.

I really hope a few people visit my page... here is some news:

  • Yes, Double Fire Bug is really fixed. Re-coded during long nights, so this dam thing is finally defeated.
  • Thanks to new Weapon models, the mod is getting closer and closer to my vision. gameplay (and shooting-the-hell-out-the-crap) wise

Latest entries of my personal Log:

  • New Boot Into: A tribute to Duke Nukem 3D - computed in real-time.
  • Customizable Serious Bullet Time (c) Button ! Customizable speed and now time-affected sound effects !
  • New Shellbox model. Switchable Option. It's the final dark stylized box with 20 "Headcracker" Shell's
  • Most used "Impact effects per Material" cleaned so Blood-Effects are not mixed with my new "per-damage" code.
  • BloodEffects rendering finalized.
  • Reduced 'Burning' damage against Lava Golem (1/3).
  • Burning Effect for Burning damaged enemies (not yet attached).
  • Flamethrower improved (F* yet again). Currently burning after- flames are completely gone. These are missed ! but the performance-gain makes it feel much better now
  • Lava Golem "childs" no longer visible until thrown. Effects however still visible...
  • Turrets, Vehicles & All new Enemies are added to replace selection. (Just to keep log ordered)
  • New Option to choose "Cannon's only" (All turrets are Cannon's).
  • SciFi-Parachuter: Should be my first air unit, now its working: A black outfitted scifi-soldier equipped with a Mg drop's down the sky with a parachute, s hoots at you and deploy's on land or is taken down. In contrary to badly designed air-units.
  • Created 6 barrel LaserGun and made technically complete working (mini-log). More barrel's means more fun, thats so true !
  • New Weapon icon's for all new models + synced with switched models.

I'd still be very happy to have a user-friendly official homepage. Were user's can post comments or talk about my mod. With a mod this big, any support be useful. If someone could help me get a working "comment's" section, a better simple web-presence than the current official presence, I'd be very glad. Don't hesitate to give me a Message !


Ain't been on Moddb for a good week but nice to see you have returned! :)

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BuddhaMaster Author

Hi General_Atrox
It's also nice to have you as one of my biggest fan ;)

(The real truth is: I'm really having a nasty psychic problem with "noise".. I just can't stand it if anybody is hearing "what I'm doing", currently where I live, it's like paper-thin walls, and you can even hear your neighbours taking a crap... OH DEAR ! so this situation is freaking me out. My first priority is to find a new home. Because i can't do a slightest thing in this "situation")

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