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next important gameplay change, new Starbase Level 1, new Imperial Carrier, new Imperial Tech 1 Fighter & Bomber.

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First I have to explain to you that I have created an Excellchart where I enter everything which is important for a ship or station (number and strength of the individual weapons, fighter and bomber squadrons, shield strength and armor). This then calculates construction time, construction costs, etc.
This ensures that the ships are balanced automatically.

Then there is a change in the (light) lasers of Fighter etc., these can barely damage ships of the capital class and ships of the super capital class and stations no longer, because these are simply too strongly armored.

Ships and stations have now no longer infinite Fighter & bombers.

New Imperial Fighter in Tech Level 1: V-Wing

swfoc 2017 01 17 15 23 24 005

Armament: 4 lasers

New Imperial Bomber in Tech Level 1: ARC-170

swfoc 2017 01 17 15 23 43 523

swfoc 2017 01 17 15 31 30 850

Procurement: 1 laser, 1 torpedo laser, 1 medium laser

Two different shipyards installed: one for ships of corvettes and frigate class (buildable on most planets) and one for ships for the larger classes (currently on only 16 planets). The shipyards can be built as soon as a space station stage 1 has been built on the Planet.

Space Station Level 1 replaced by the XQ-1 station.

XQ-1 Station:

AloViewer 2017 01 17 15 34 34 07

Armament: 8 interceptor lasers, 4 medium lasers, 36 hunter & 24 bomber squadrons

Escort Carrier:

swfoc 2017 01 17 15 24 32 999

Requires: Space Station Level 1 & Small Shipyard
Armament: 6 lasers, 24 fighter & 12 bomber squadrons




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really nice! and the fighter models are well done ... i guess there is a new mod in the hood

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