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We are pleased to announce the coming sixth release of the Maelstrom mod for Rebellion 1.52 + DLC

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Highlights Rebellion (Release 6) 10/09/2013

* Titan particle effects and weapons
* Race balances
* Faction research specialization
* DLC compatible

* Multi-player save bug fixed

* Stars - Volatile, Pulsar, Neutrino, Dark, and Magnetar's hull and shield damage ability fixed.
* Norlamin - Siege Capital for Loyalist and Rebel have separate and new abilities
* Norlamin - Utility cruisers now have repair abilities

* New Races - Titan particle effects abilities
* New Races - Titan particle effects weapons
* New Races - Titan added additional weapons

* New Races - increased specialization of new race factions
* Replicators - removed starbase mobilization
* TradeAlliance - removed starbase mobilization
* TradeAlliance - can now buy Capitalship experience levels

* New Races - research trees are now of comparable size compared to original races research trees
* Norlamin - moved culture center research up one level
* Norlamin - reduced weapons damage (10%) on the Skylark of Valeron
* Norlamin - for culture research - culture spread rate and weapons damage in culture reduced by 10%
* TradeAlliance - moved tradeport research up one level
* TradeAlliance - reduced trade research bonuses (25%)
* TradeAlliance - reduced cargo hull size research bonuses (25%)
* Replicators - antimatter recharge rates reduce (25%) for all frigates

* Planets - fixed planets logistics slots (not divisible by 4) Terran Giant, Dyson Sphere, Frigian, Terra Nova, Ring World
* Planets - Ring World and Ancient planets gravity well size increased
* TradeAlliance - fixed team mesh colors for TA capitalship factory


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