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We are pleased to announce the coming fourth release of the Maelstrom mod for Rebellion

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Highlights Rebellion (Release 4) 29/11/2012

- added Replicator race to Rebellion
- moved Rebellion version to patch 1.1

- updated Flagship for TradeAlliance
- updated Flagship for Norlamin
- backed off dreads firepower by approximately 25%
- increased dread speed and maneuverability (similar to Titan)

- added Research Victory for TradeAlliance
- added Research Victory for Norlamin

Abilities and Buffers
- fixed various abilities and buffers, TradeAlliance and Norlamins, which were broken for level 3
- fixed various abilities and buffers, TradeAlliance and Norlamins, which can now target Corvette's and Titan's
- backed off Superdreadnought ability approximately 25%
- reduced Norlamin Heavy ability Mega Laser by 50%
- reduced TA Heavy ability Missile barrage by 50%
- Norlamin Cosmic Ray collector's abilities now stack
- TA frigates can now fire weapons when in a self repair cycle

- replaced Advent dreadnought model
- replaced Tec dreadnought model
- resized TradeAlliance Dreadnought factory model

- added Maelstrom main music

- added GalaxyForge for Maelstrom
- reduced the frequency of some new high value planets occurring in maps

- updated management icons for Titans, Capitals, Cruisers and Frigates for new races
- updated various icons
- fixed explosion with Tec starbase mesh appearing

- added startup screen tips and alternative splash screens
- reduced some planet bonuses



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