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I am about half-way finished with the new patch, many of its features have already been released, so people can test them, and so they can serve as an established basis for changes I have made to the mod since then. Much of the stuff that has been released since 1.06b is technically in the early stages of 1.07, which may or may not be the final build before another complete and total reworking for plot/new levels and factions.

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So now that we are in the proto-1.07 stage let's recap on what has been accomplished since the last "official" patch.

  • Changes were made to how damage is done to creatures in the game.
  • Economy was changed.
  • Rucksacks were changed.
  • GPS markers were changed.
  • The new night vision had its first stages of being phased in.

This is all pretty good so far, even if I haven't managed to accomplish every feature I've been working on so far, but all in all, we are heading in the right direction, and quicker than I expected. So now, what has been accomplished since then?

  • Artifact detectors have been added to the game, and are now required to find artifacts. Right now they need some calibration, and in the end their mechanics will need to be completely reworked, but this is a start. This feature alone will only further balance the economy on top of the previous changes.
  • Some suits for the new factions are being worked on, the new factions won't be in the mod at least until after new maps are added, if I can get that accomplished, that is, but you will be able to use some of their suits in the meantime.
  • New quests are being written, but also won't be in-game until much later on. However, so far I have developed a rough frame of a story that takes place around SoC's story.
  • It's possible that I may finish work on some new objects in the game, things like ammo crates that are planned to be part of the new quests, and it may be possible to use them to get thousands of rounds of ammo. The crates themselves are very heavy, and will be hard to find.
  • Repair kits too need to be added, I know I've been pestered about this, but it's on my list of things to accomplish.
  • Some guns are being fixed, or have had their mechanics changed. Very possible, and even likely that new weapons will be added in the upcoming patch, I won't specify which ones or exactly how many, this is still a mystery to me.
  • Virtually all weapons have had their muzzle velocity changed. This change is in fact very radical, despite me never even mentioning it in the previous patch notes.
  • 5.45 guns will get a re-balancing. Their ammunition behaves quite different to 5.56 weapons, since muzzle velocity isn't as much of a determining factor upon damage, all 5.45 guns will be moved closer to parity.
  • NATO versions of the current NV sights are a feature in the works, as well as a complete re-pricing of the few suits that now carry a NVD.

If you're going to add diseases here is something I can recommend:
1. Rabies
That is something that you can get from the zone animals . The cure for it will recuire
some medicine that you can find or buy or find it in the zone.
2. Plague
Something you can get from the zone humanoids.
3. Cancer
Something that you can get from radiation.

Hope you like my ideas and I wish you luck on developing this mod.

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Rabies, how would it work? Your character bites everyone automatically?
Cancer, come on, would need INSANE amount of radiation in long time to get cancerous changes. You are more likely to die from burns from radiation than getting cancer from it.

But whole idea is cool. Pseudodogs and Chimeras bites could infect you (that's when antiseptics would actually be useful), bloodsuckers give blood poisoning (by the way would be awesome to import special attack from CoP) etc.
If we are at mutants, I'd like to see some things from CoP, irradiated pseudogiants and redone Poltergeist's AI. Istead of need of having visual contact with it's victim it just sense the movements and gravitational fluctuations.

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FatalFunnel Author

That was an early idea, and it's almost certainly not going to be implemented.

I had an entirely made up Zone plague instead of existing diseases, it was something called red spotted fever, which goes by many names among stalkers. It's a disease carried by wildlife that affects humans and humanoid mutants, (bloodsuckers, controllers.)

It was supposed to be transmitted through dog bites, but it would be a random chance thing and not kill you, just affect your stamina/eyesight for a few days.

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