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Hi everyone. Here's a small update. Been neglecting the group a bit, so sorry for that. Been busy solving alot of bugs and problems.

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Well, what to talk about.
First off, I'm in the process of ditching all the counter strike models.
Except for a fire hydrant and the car models I think I've done away with all the models.
The reason I'm doing this? well simply because I don't want to have any problems arise
when I release this mod and left them in, it is a voilation of rights towards valve.
And linking them through code is just stupid, since it would mean people need to have
CS:S installed. So there's still a few props left, but I'' take care of those when I get the chance.

There's a new internal beta that I wanted to release, but my pc has been giving me problems
and I can't seem to fully compile the first and secod map, and i'm 99% sure it's my PC.
Dec offered to help me on this, but since he's so busy himself, I don't wanna push him.
I'm also waiting for roberts last few lines on the third map. I want to have the third map
practically done when I ship the next beta.

There's tons of stuff in the new beta, I've redone alot of things like tweaking the vorts and headcrabs spawning in which I tried to look and sound alot more like half life 1's spawns. The medkit, plus dec's glock and a knife will be in the new release. I have tweaked alot of scenes, which although aren;t totall finished tweaking, I still have quite some to do. I've been working on alot of textures, new sounds and editingthe main story.

So yeah I hope to release the beta really really soon, Just be patient my friends. I am doing all I can to get it out aap.
Thank you, Peace

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