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Rocket Powered Hippo are two weeks out from their first major deadline of production. In two weeks Alpha is due!

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Hey everyone, thanks for checking back to our little game, we love that the community are looking at the work uploaded.

My name is Christopher Begley and I'm the Producer on Ascension: The Awakening. As a team we have been thinking of new fun things to do with our page on Mod Db. Over the coming weeks we'll be posting new content for Port of Yagomir (The level that has been shown plenty already) and The Aiur a level set in a a desert. Both these levels are progressing well. The team has a deadline of Feb 28th to submit a Alpha build of the game. At the moment the focus is on asset creation, ensuring characters and creatures perform correctly and under the hood stuff.

As well as new images and hopefully videos we'll be posting interviews with the team and hopefully even our course tutors down the line. This page will be updated on a more regular basis as content begins to flow faster and faster during production.

Rocket Powered Hippo

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