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A few important updates regarding the game, and what to look out for in the coming months.

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Error 4516 set for 2016 Indie of the Year Competition.

As the final months loom upon the year of 2016, IndieDB looks back and honors the "Indie of the year."

Last year was a generally uneventful year for Double Blubber Games, but this year I made a promise to become more engaged, and to put forth an initiative to change not only myself, but those around me as well.

Although I do not anticipate a victory this year, I might as well try. As I truly never know when my time to quit may come, but I digress. I don't need this award, and frankly I don't want this award. It's the thrill of putting myself out there which motivates me to do the things I do. So I ask, please do vote for Error 4516, and maybe we can make it something worth someone's time!

I know you might be thinking I'm trying to create some kind of message to entice you to vote, and to be honest I actually am, I won't lie. But at the same time, a portion of this message is sincere. I believe we can make something big out of something small, as wrong as that sounds, it's true. Now, you may think I'm being awfully narcissistic here, but I'm not doing this for myself. I like to think of this as a collaborative effort in a sense.

So please, vote for Error 4516.

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Website Redesign.

Over the past few months, I've been attempting to conceive the perfect website format for Now, being that I was an inexperienced programmer back then, I didn't have the skill set to create such a elaborate design. But, with a little bit of hard work, and some spare time I was able to create something that I was genuinely happy about. You'll be able to see what I mean here.

The new design consists of a fairly modern design, with a store, an about page, and anything your standard blog site would have. It does lack the ability to comment, and share however, but other than that you are fine.

Error 4516 now Available for Purchase via card!

Yes, you heard me right. You can now purchase Error 4516 via credit card/debit card. This in turn should help open the flood gates to a whole new world of opportunities, and give the game more potential to be purchased. You can pay with any card from my understanding, although I could be wrong.

You can still purchase it via PayPal as well, so don't fear that.
If you want to purchase the game, please click here.

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