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s-t-n here, with a mighty amount of news for the public! A new leader, new life, new aims and even a task for you the community!

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Hello and welcome travelers back to the Forum Wars Mod! It's been a long time, so let me explain what has happened. Our former leader, Q/Kaiser Bob/[Insert 10 other names here], has recently been removed from leadership after a period of stagnation and disorganization within the mod. I am reorganizing the mod, into the first galactic empire a much more efficient form...for speed, and efficiency.

The team now comprises the following:-
s-t-n - Leader
Noret - Deputy
Jedi Luigi - Deputy
Sergeant Lyeman - Mapper
Krystal - Sound Manager

Chris left some time ago, and has since taken over as co-leader of Ultimate Empire at War. We wish him the best, and encourage you to check out the mod he now works on which looks on target for its September release of V1. A public site will be up for our community shortly, after the staff one is fully operational. We still plan to release our Version 1 with all the commitments made prior to this still intact, though some of the eye candy may have to drop unfortunately due to our lacking a true graphics expert.

One major thing which has changed in the mod is our balancing of the work load. Time consuming but simple tasks, for example hardpointing, will be made open to all members of the team to work on. This massively increases efficiency, and will help us get this mod on your computer that little bit faster. It goes wider than this, too. I intend to involve you, the community, in the mod for certain tasks. Here is your first assignment:-

I want you, the community, to draw me maps of worlds. It can be any world, any climate and submitted in any format. Let your imagination loose, and don't keep yourself confined to what you see in EAW maps. Try not to put too many EAW props, such as turrets or buildings, on the map. We prefer more simple landscapes which we then can turn into battlegrounds for the forces facing each other.

All entries should be emailed to
Well, what are you waiting for? Get back to work!

Mod leader


nice to see u deleted the other dudes news before posting this...
he basically said u performed a cout against him, so im just checking that fact?

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haha a coup over a mod?

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s-t-n Author

I wouldn't say a coup, but apparently he does :P

No assignments were being issued, and Q declared his desire to kill the mod. So I took over, issuing new orders...whereupon Q changed his mind on running the mod into the ground and protested.

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