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A new video, update on % completion, voice acting position, what is left to do. The end is in sight... I think.

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Hi scrubs,

Have a video of Jim's Neighbour's mate Donald McRonald. He's a fearsome opponent. This is the first boss fight of the game. Zombies will be replaced with something else soon...

As far as estimated completion goes, I reckon I'm about 65% done. Still a few more weapons to change, NPC models to replace and animate, maps to make etc. Total amount of 'rooms' is 44. There are multiple of these rooms in a single map (for some maps). There will also be a bonus map and an easter egg consisting of 3 extra levels. It's going to be hard to get.

What is left to do?

15 more maps

Replace 'weapon' font for proper weapon icons

A couple more weapons

A couple of vehicles

Some more voice acting*



If anyone wants to apply to voice act, we need a narrator-styled voice (similar to David Attenborough if possible). Send a message here on Moddb and I'll give you a sample line to read out.

Thanks and have fun (something about originiginal chips)



Damn, 15 maps is a lot of work... still, awesome job! Can't wait to see more!

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15 maps is not a lot of work when they look this ******. I could make 15 maps in one day with this quality, or I could make 15 maps over time with great quality and attention to details and correct scripting and so on.

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Mate I can make 15 maps by hitting my enormous **** on the keyboard and they'd still look better then anything that you could make in a million years you commie.

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"I could make 15 maps over time with great quality and attention to details and correct scripting and so on"

I'd like to see you try Matey.

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Rekurer Author

15 maps isn't too much work for this kind of game. A lot of the later maps involve lots of scripting and boss fights so they might take a bit longer. If I devote a day to car-poral keys I normally get 2-3 maps done.
The main thing that takes time is animation.

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Looks like a pretty Interesting and Amusing Mod, you've got yourself a Tracker. ;)

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