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Well so far we are progressing very well but a lot of our team members are being lazy.

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Well we are almost fully finished developing a working GUI that will allow us to edit and extract the files and put the new ones in, we are working on getting the zombies and the vehicle and unit models from GTA IV (Police,Swat,Swat Truck,Police Car) This is not ILLEGAL we are not stealing these models proper credits are given if it was illegal we couldn't get to it in the first place, also they have not released an SDK yet because they fear people will try and copy there actual game Structure AKA make a new whole game with the Information and resources to we are simply modifying the game like any other people do and 55%-70% of the games modded do not have an SDK available in the first place to be able to mod it, the people are the one's who make it possible and we are doing everything we can to give those respectable people who bought the game a great zombie mod that will get them devoured into Far cry 2 again. It will Include a possible storyline in a later version of the mod. But we are focusing on having zombies roaming freely across the maps and multiplayer is fully possible at this point as single player, we will probley try and design a new GUI for main menu to give it a zombie feel and look, now as for support we can use all the feedback and Idea's possible so it would really help for those fans or those people who just saw the mod to go to our forums at:

To Support us and give us better Idea's for what to Incorporate into the project.
Thanks! Far Cry 2 Zombie Mod Team.


It is totally illegal to take models from another game. Whether you give credit or not. As for being able to access them, that's one of the dumbest arguments I've ever heard. I *can* walk into a store ans shoot everyone. OH SO THAT MEANS THAT IT'S ALRIGHT.

If you want new models just put up a mod listing on moddb. I would be glad to help.

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*Sorry for double post*
You guys really do need to be more careful than that with copyrighted content. I made a MOD that copied another game. but without using any of the assets straight from that game, (I was re-creating all assets from scratch) and they still shut me down.

Copyright laws are a real B!7# They wait until you have almost gotten the project done, then they swoop down and smash it.

Oh and BTW I'm really excited about you guys making FarCry 2 moddable!

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I would love to have Far Cry 2 moddable. I would go for realism though. For instance how many bullets the enemy can take before he goes down. I am sick of getting a guy right in the head but he still isn't dead. Even zombies go down when you shoot them in the head.

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