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Why thanks right now and not after the game is finished? Because I want you to know that I appreciate each of you who helped me to bring this game to life and helping me to make it.

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I finally made a Youtube account for our group so if any of you would like to visit it,here is the link:

There it is a video with the 2 props I made for the game and I will soon make an intro of our group that we will add before the game starts.
I want to inform you that revere26 has started his work with us and maybe he will lead the composers of this group,now depends on how good he can handle it.Anyway,I will not take any conclusions before I get one soundtrack from each composer,bloodstalker and revere26.This is not a competition so I hope that this does not stop you to do your best.
I started to work as a 3D Modeler for the group and I hope that someday I will be as good as adamobrn,he inspired me after I saw his models.


Special thanks(in the order they joined) to Longbow007,-=117=-,adambrn,Afan,bloodstalker and revere26 for helping me to create this game.
Thanks to Longbow007 for helping me bring the project to life through his story and his support.
Thanks to -=117=- for his concept arts which is trying to make,and I believe him that it is not a walk in the park to make a good concept.
Thanks to adamobrn for his talent in 3D modelling,for helping us with the game and for inspirating me to begin and learn how to make 3D models as well.
Thanks to Afan for his help that I greatly apreciate,he joined us when needed most and his help is still needed for bringing the game to life and making it.
Thanks to bloodstalker and revere26 for helping us with the game's sounds,which are as well an important part of the game.

I wish you all good luck and keep up the good work.

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