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Finally game this mod a name and a story. *Previously known as "The Abstract Mod"*

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Well it's that time again.
Time for some news!

First Things first!

I have finally given this mod a name, it is now "Why?".

A big change though is the fact there is an actual story now!
While I was going through Tunnel I figured out that I could take this map and mod somewhere!
The story itself was created in like 10 minutes so i will be updating it every once in awhile to make it more... detailed.


I am STILL looking for mappers, sound effect, modelers, and coders.
I don't know if you are contacting me at my Moddb email because that one is broken and I can't access it, so PLEASE email it to if you are.

I am working on the mod still and spiced up the page a bit, even added a Banner at the top, which while is low quality, is still better than a big old "Filler".

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