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Just info on whats going on.Trying other things besides the sonic maps

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Well first off I like to say is that I really don't use this site much maybe just for updates of other peoples work but that's really it, ill try to post my mods/maps images videos an what ever els here to when I have the time.Im doing other things to more importen then Halo, like my art drawings n coloring them I draw for a living.

Any Christmas is almost here people and like every year I remake my holiday map,some of you might have played my old ones Holiday_v1 an 2 You no this year will be V3 And for the people the don't like to go to any level other than Bloodgulch *Whats wrong with you guys XP* I will be making HolidayGulch sometime this week. Other news im done with Clearleaf Canyon Blockfort from MarioKart 64 an will release it this weekend.

Other things im working on is Halo Custom Edition single player maps with halo 2 an 3 weapons and the arbiter helping you also the other Halo 3 characters.

Im doing alot as you can see im always busy not just with Halo but real life things to so don't be so impatient when things come out so late.

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