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Good day to everyone, I returned 2 months later. All this time I have not been sitting still, and the mod is quietly coming to a little... No, not until the final. It's still quite a long time before the end of development. It all depends not only on the creative imagination, but also that the skills are baffling.

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Most likely, at the end of the week, and this will be Saturday, I will release a second Demo. Since the first demo, there have been a ton of changes. I cut out a lab under lock and key that didn't fit the logic. I've redesigned the castle, which now looks quite nice.

Screenshots... Well, first of all, here are some screenshots:
1. Here you can notice the estate of the Gruppenfuhrer, where the Cat Agent, Viktor Baklazhovich, went to get plans for the location of the German military complex Snow Diablo.

20221010201424 1

20221010201416 1

20221010201439 1

2. There are several interiors of this very estate

20221010201201 1

20221010201155 1

3. Basement, with a rest room

20221010201321 1

20221010201355 1

20221010201339 1

Since this news was supposed to be released on Monday, but I forgot to publish it, so the next post will be with the release of Demo 2.0

Baratus - - 17 comments

it just isnt wolfenstein without blue guns

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gabataka Author
gabataka - - 114 comments

and this is not wolfestein

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Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Amazing update! Really wish this could be ported to Sega Dreamcast as a standalone game. The Dreamcast has over a dozen total conversion singleplayer HL mods on it so far using the leaked port of the game that was unreleased. Would be fun to see a proper WW2 game on it.

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zastels - - 27 comments

10/10 I loved it!

I think this is extremely good. I have a giant DoD map I never released and I think a ww2 single player mod is an awesome concept.

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