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we have a new voice actor working for us now and he is on the job like a pro.
we are also looking for more members who might be looking 2 join the 2 weeks after team and assist the team from Bad-Apple:
if you have some talent with the following then send me a message at and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
what we are mainly looking for is:
Texture Artist
Flash Menu Designer
Level Designers with the ability to create whole new maps with bot support

the main reason we are looking for more members is because we do not have as much time as we did when we started this mod so if you wish to see this mod be produced faster then lend a hand to the resistance...

...........................OTHER NEWS................................
this time i will give a small review on AVP3 for ps3 which i had a chance to play just after its release.

the game it self is really well made besides some faults witch i will get into.
the main storey lines are pretty average no much in the way of exiting gameplay.
there are 3 campaigns (one for each race) i completed all three of the campaigns in about 12 hours witch is an average timeline for a game i spose, the gameplay is awsome, when you play as the predator you really do feel like a unstoppable awsome super guy!!
when playing as the alein you are only with fellow aleins twice in the whole campaign and thats the first mission and when your fighting a boss later in the game.
the rest of the alein side is based around finding your way into buildings and killing all the marines in a certain area, which is awsome to slowly pick of all the marines in one room without the others noticing.
the marine campaign is the best in my opinion, its longer then all the others and it has a better gameplay experiance.
even though neer the end you start killing androids (gay).
all in all if this game only had the missions it would only get about a 6/10...
but now here is the really awsome thing...MULIPLAYER...
AVP3 has the best online multiplayer experiance in my opinion with the marines having the strogest attacks but are most open to attacks, aleins crawling around the roofs and predator jumping out of nowhere with some sick as killing move is totaly awsome i mean it doesnt get much better then sitting in a tree watching a marine get stapped in the back by an aleins tail to only see that aleins head cut of by your smart disk hahahaha.
i played online with that game for at least 20 hours while i had the game (easily)
the only problem with this side of the game is the lobby system sucks balls, everytime you finish a game it takes you back to the game lobby and you have to search for another game witch can take up to 5 mins at least then having to wait for at least 3 people....ohh my god.....
and not to mension if you have a party with over 12 people there is only 2 maps to pick from
......come on rebellion patch the online lobby system and give us a map pack soon.....

so with the online part in this wonderfull game of killing i must now give it a 8/10 becasue it could still be improved such as (OFFLINE SPLIT-SCREEN 4 PLAYER DEATHMATCH,fixed lobby,better campaigns and more maps for multiplayer)
with out games and music in this world there would only be sex and thats not an option for scientists

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