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Second update on the STEAM drive crash and what has been salvaged.

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OK so here's an update over the Feb. 25th article.

What was lost in the HDD crash:

  • HLFR custom WAD file. I've rebuilt most of it as the textures were found in various folders (I have horrible organization skills at times) and at the moment it seems I'm only missing 2 or 3 textures. The names of the missing ones are known at least from the purple checkerboards all over the place.
  • Recolored menu GUI. It's a total pain to do and driven by a file called "TrackerScheme.res". Just need to embrace the suck and redo the file. Also take better notes this time.
  • Map progress. I recall the last thing I was working on before the crash was building out the dormitory building. Lots of copy/paste going on. The map files recovered from my secondary drive show at least a month's worth of work is gone. The rebuilt hazard course is more or less intact but the first map is completely wiped.

Progress since the 25th:

  • HLFR custom WAD file 95% restored (as mentioned above).
  • Main menu complete - layout, background, titles, etc.
  • Mod directory rebuilt - Shoutout to badsniper365 for their "HL Mod Kit" which comes with a blank directory making this a pretty easy rebuild.

I'm sure there was something else but I can't recall it at the moment. Progress is being made that's the gist of it.


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