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First post for news detailing what I need such as coders and animators. I have a few voice actors ready to give this a shot :)

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Okay, i've gotten quite a few requests to be voice actors for this. One request here and various requests on other websites. So, I have a solid amount of people wanting to play characters which is GREAT to see :D all I really need now is free animators and coders :) I would be able to pay these people if this project was kick started but I have no idea what the legal implications of that would be and I'd rather not get sued for wanting to create fun for myself and other Digimon fans that are annoyed by the lack of English translated Digimon games :)

In regards to the animators and coders, I can do both- but mostly for simple stuff. Eg, I can do simple gestures for characters like waving, stretching and stuff like that. But for fighting moves, i'm at a loss unfortunately. With coding, I have to view various tutorials for endless hours with much trial and error improvising the basic code for what I want.

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You would get in copyright matters if you made it commercial.

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Metamon Author
Metamon - - 65 comments

I don't intend it to be commercial, it's a game that will be 100% free if I release it publicly

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