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What is the MMO about? What type of things and features will be in it?

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UNSC Wars is a mmo that is based off the biggest franchise Halo Series.
The mmo will be a sandbox/free roam mmo, where you are able to customize everything to the fullest, such as weapons, armor/gears, vehicles, and player appearances. For "The Covenant" there will be many races to play as and many classes to choose from such as the Jackels,grunts, and of course the Elites. UNSC also will have many classes and you will also be able to play as Spartans, Marines, ODST Marines, and Captain of Navy Ships (Marines,Army,Navy,Air Force). Space travels will be added, which we are thinking of making it similar to the Microsoft Freelancer game and being able to travel to different planets and rings. There will be space ships and star ships to fly but only customizable with weapons.

We are still debating to have living areas such as Courters.

If you have any questions or feedback on the development of the game, feel free to post. We can take criticism and compliments it will help us in this project.

Note: We are still new to Moddb and learning how it works so bare with us if there any mistakes.

~Eclipse Games~

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