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Check here the updates we have made in these last days, we passed a huge nightmare, thought all was lost, but has that old saying, a light appeared at the end of the Tunnel ...

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Good morning everyone .

Latest these days, we went through a nightmare that there seemed to end a terrible nightmare, I thought it would completely miss the mod.

But a light appeared at the end of the Tunnel ....

What happened ?

We apply new scripts and new commands. It was laborious create those scripts, so by the time you open the game, and verify, there was a CTD. Well I said, it's only looking at the Log and tidy. I packed and ZkkaLuus ™, reviewed. Opened the game again, at the time it appeared the Sidorovich, another CTD.
Then used a developer tool, to find all errors.

To give you an idea, was about 112 corrupted lines, I looked at that and said, this was already the mod over, there was mistake that I ever seen in my life.

I began to fix the mistakes that were easy, I packed 14 lines of 112.
ZkkaLuus ™, was startled by other errors.
So I called some old friends, and said I will arrange for you guys a folder with Logsde error, and the scripts to see what you guys do.

They agreed, so I was watching TV at home, when suddenly I heard a noise at the door. They were my old friends. ZkkaLuus called and said, 'Come to my house, they came, they will work now.

I was concerned about two things: the Mod, and the school. Yes I still study, third year of high school. They began to look at it, and move his hand on his head, and say our father from heaven. I thought ready, just the mod.

So until there came a light at the end of Tunnel. Carlos Ferreira, a friend of mine has an LUA knowledge, C ++, C +, C, I did not even come close to the knowledge he has.

I called him. He came to my house and started packing errors. I helped him what I knew.

In short, open again the developer tool, and no errors in the log. Open the game, I walked around the map, looked to the events of the scripts was going right, and you're done. Another unsuccessful step.

I am writing this because I was a week without speaking here on the page, since I thought about the guys who are waiting for the mod is saying: It will not go forward not. I went into complete despair.

Well that's it then that took place in a week.
I hope you're waiting for the mod, and I hope you understand WHAT I wrote here.

Good afternoon to all (08.09.2015> 15:53 ​​(Hours of Brasilia)

CrazyElf ™
ZkkaLuus ™

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