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Little Description what I have done all this time.

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So after gathering a lil Team to develop my Mod we will begin our evil Work. We will start finally to do things for this Mod:
-balance the Mod
-add Scripts
-make new Scripts
-changing the U.I
-working on the K.I
-(maybe) better Textures

So just stay and keep watching this Mod and make it more Public so other people can play it.

We even have a new Website though its not only for Homeworld 2 because its more like a side for the Youtubeaccount but i will make a Section you can already register in the Forum to ask us Question what we will do or something else.
(Yeah the Site is in German when you need it in English too pls write me a mail over Moddb so I will do as you ask)

P.S: Next Update coming this Year

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