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As you can see, my upcoming Single Player Add-On Mod ( The Dark Army ) is now on ModDB with a lot of HQ pictures and a Short Action Scene HD video.

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The Dark Army is a Single Player Add-On Mod for the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein game. Here is what this project will include :

  • About ten new SP levels.
  • New and coloured GFX 2D in-game icons. ; New blood effects. ; New weapon icons.
  • New type of dynamic levelshots. ; New weapons. ; New sounds (about 70% of the sounds replaced).
  • New sprites. ; New textures, in High Definition. ; Some assets. ; A new title screen menu. ; And more !

This is a project I'm working on from twenty days now.

About the story : One of the B.O.S. spies sayed that Wilhelm Strasse develops a new type of Uber Soldat. Blazkowicz is send to finish him once and for all. Following recents informations, he is in a secret research center, in German mountains.

You will learn more about this operations with the few in-game cutscenes and readables clipboards.

Also I don't know when It will release (maybe in 2014).

Some high quality screenshots have been published to show you what this game looks like. Also, there's a high definition video just here.

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