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Small first update on how Red-Resurrection will handle the veterancy system.

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News #1

Hello ModDB! Just here posting a small first update. I am currently working on the mod quite slowly as the ol' motivation is low, but don't worry, the project is still moving ahead. The Soviets are at an "almost complete" stage so I'm now working more on the Allies more but there's plenty of the Soviets you haven't yet seen. I'm trying to limit my ModDB output to only include refined information and features, rather than every idea I work on.

So for this first update I'm focusing on how Red-Resurrection handles the game's veterancy system.

Veterancy in RR is a little harder to aquire than in YR, taking a few more kills (though still pretty easy to reach if you work smart with your units). Unliked in YR once units reach an elite status they do not get a more powerful weapon plus the benefit of being promoted. Instead they will only gain the promotional benefit however some units will get a special ability as well. Here is an example:

Here is the USSR special unit: the Apocalypse tank. Powerful, equipped with a dual-cannon weapon able to decimate armoured targets particularly well.

Now once promoted the Apocalypse gains dual radiation cannons allowing them to really rip into infantry devisions and leave a radiation trace whereever they fire. Also note that elite Apocalypse's explode violently causing further havoc.

So in RR the promotional system will be used not to make units simply more powerful but also increase their usefulness and add extra abilities.


If you would like to keep track of every little change I make, head over to the mod's topic at Freedom Studios. I tend to keep that topic updated most however everything is WIP.


Looks good. +1 track.

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